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Computer Services

- Upgrading the Operating System Windows / Mac / Ubuntu-(Linux)
- Rebuilding from scratch.
- Scanning and removing viruses.
- As conflict resolution, window pop, lock system...
- Cleaning data to improve computer speed.
- Data recovery and deleted files.
- Research, Installation and configuration of any program.
- Installing and Configuring Printers, Cameras, Scanners, etc..
- Assembly and installation of PC from scratch.

Internet Services

- HelpDesk.
- Creating mail accounts, social networks, basic Internet services everyday.
- Settings for P2P downloads.
- Configuration software for viewing live sporting events, Movies, Series, Documentaries...

Services for Individuals / Freelance

- Creating and Managing Domains .COM i .ES
- Creating and Managing Web pages.
- Creating and Managing Email.
- Advice and assembling your Home Office with VoIP, FonYou and more.

Consulting Services

- Advice on buying a computer, printer, Mobile TV, Camera...
- Advice on consoles. Xbox360 / Wii / Nintendo DS / Sony PSP / PlayStation 3 and many more.
- Advice on hiring moving companies and ADSL (Quality / Price).

Special Services

- Internet 4G/3G UNLIMITED.
- Facilities wired or wireless.
- Hackintosh - Your clone Mac.
- Raspberry Pi - The best Samrt TV.

Education Services

- Private lessons at home in Software and Hardware. Both Windows and Mac or Ubuntu-(Linux).
- Lessons On-line.

Repair Services

- Computer Repair.
- Repairing Laptops.
- Mobile Repair.
- Console Repairs.


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